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GPR Industries

GPR Industries (1994) LTD.


GPR: An Environmentally Conscious Company

Let us assist you in Reducing Your Environmental Footprint:

GPR helps you fulfill your commitment to the preservation of our environment.

We offer solutions such as:

  • Free pickup & delivery of your motors
  • No charge on repair estimates on motors 50 hp (326T frame) & under, which expands the life of smaller motors
  • Class 3 Repair when applicable, reduces or eliminates water and oven use.
  • Motors that exceed the repair value are dismantled and the material is recycled appropriately
  • Motor efficiency programs (energy consumption analysis)

What Foot Print Are You & Your Company Leaving Behind??

GPR’s Recycling and Waste Reduction Program:

We are focused on reducing our impact on our environment.

  • Ovens are government regulated and equipped with afterburners.
  • Solventless polyester varnish.
  • Waste management program:
    • Fluid Recycling and disposal system
    • Paper/Plastic/Container recycling
    • Metal/metal shavings/copper recycling
    • Utilize cloth rags vs paper towels
    • Re-usable coffee mugs


GPR Industries is also accredited with the Green Motors Practice Group:

Craftsmen Saving Energy…

  • Addressing motor application and the motor repair/rewind process;
  • Furthering motor service life and improving driven system reliability;
  • Saving precious natural and processed resources;
  • Building local employment opportunities
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