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GPR Industries

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Motor Storage

GPR Industries provides Motor Storage services for your spare critical motors. We test your motors electrically monthly, rotate shafts, energize space heaters as required, monitor lubrication requirements plus more. We offer two different Storage Packages to meet your needs and budget. Call 780-532-5900 or email info@gprindustries.com for details.

Advantages of storing motors with GPR:

  • Safe and secure – your motors are kept in a locked & dedicated storage facility in gated yard
  • Only Qualified Motor Technician performing maintenance to your motors
  • GPR strictly follows EASA recommended storage practices. EASA is The Electro-Mechanical Authority in industry
  • Documented Storage Maintenance Record for your Safety Program
  • Motors ready when you are – 24/7 availability when you need your motor the most
  • Ensures your spare motor will provide a long service life
  • Before placing your critical spare into service we can test run at full line voltage to your peace of mind when it arrives at site
  • GPR can install what we store – don’t leave the installation to chance. GPR is fully qualified and equipped to place and align your stored motor – on your schedule


You have invested in a spare motor because of the high costs associated with down time. GPR is here to ensure your investment is ready when you need it most. It doesn’t cost, it pays.

“We Keep Industry Running”


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