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Electric Motor Repair


A new look at electric motor repair…

GPR: Helping you save money in tough times.

Your motor efficiency is maintained by following EASA AR100 Repair Practice – which meets or exceeds manufacturer’s standards:


  • Core Tested to confirm iron permability
  • Meticulously cleaned


  • Inverter Duty Wire Class N 200ºc
  • Minimum Class H 180ºc Insulating Materials (Manufacturer standard Class F 155ºc.)
  • Solvent-less Polyester Class N 200ºc Resin Class N 200ºc


  • Bearing Journal/Housing confirmed to manufacturer’s tolerances with calibrated instruments
  • Balanced to ISO G2.5 or less
  • New SKF bearings and high quality electric motor rated grease.
  • Test run motor to nameplate voltage
  • Vibration levels documented.
  • Painted

Terminal Markings & Connections


Consider the Recycle Factor:
GPR suggests you look at the ‘Renewal Option’ when making the repair vs. replacement decision. Traditionally the decision to replace has been based on 60% of replacement value. With GPR’s Electric Motor Renewal Program our customers reconsider that percentage and instead, look at the added value of the repair and the dollars saved.

Class I Repair

Class II Repair

Class III Repair

Think Green

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